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Prophet DeShawn Williams |
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Prophet DeShawn Williams

The spirit of the Lord speaks to me expressively as to what is to come. As I was praying the Lord impressed upon my spirit to begin to call forth the arising of his true prophetic and Apostolic voice in this hour. For deals with me concerning the need for his prophets to arise and to declare the word that he has spoken. For the Father has dealt with His prophets buy as a result of their disobedience there has been a great yielding to the voice of the enemy.

God is saying that there is coming a great voice of false prophetic voices, sounds and declaration. There are many who will give heed and there will be a great falling away from the faith, but God is calling forth His prophets who will speak what he has given them, and they shall do all that he has commanded essay writer and they will know that it is the Lord God that has sent them.

God is wanting us to cry out for the release of His prophetic voice in this region. Prophets, God is calling us into position. God is telling us to stand and be accounted for. God says stand up soldier and be accounted for I have need of you.