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What is God saying to the Body of Christ Worldwide? |
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What is God saying to the Body of Christ Worldwide?

Pastor Kenneth Evans:

I believe we are to a point now that as I was watching and looking as they were driving us back and forth to the hotel.  I was seeing a lot of homeless people and how they have setup. God was saying look how they have made tents and covers for themselves for habitation in order to live. It might not seem like the right thing to some of us, but they are doing what they need to do at this point in their lives.  

I believe right now we are in a point where God says I have placed you in places. You have to make it happen. You are looking for food and food is there.  You are looking for cover and I am here. Most of the homeless people here do not have a certain place but they are resting. We want to pick and choose what we want to do for God. We say this is uncomfortable for me. Look at the example of what they are doing.  They are taking over something that we consider that is not theirs when we are supposed to be the same thing, taking over something that is already ours.

Dr. Aaron Winter:

Worldwide, I believe the Holy Spirit is on the move. Right now, is the greatest time in history of the church.  The church is growing and thriving. There are miracles, signs and wonders. All these things are worldwide as ever recorded in history before combined.  I believe that the mass salvation is occurring for this end time prophecy now. The world is recognizing their place of need for God and God is on the move.  I believe God has sent a leanness in circumstances that are causing a leanness. It does not necessarily mean that we are not healed. God is doing a unique work here in the United States. The rest of the world is recognizing their place of need and receiving our Savior in such a powerful demonstrated way that is actually a witness and testimony to the church of the West.

Prophet DeShawn Williams:

I believe God is saying there is a convergence that is happening where God is really trying to infiltrate the world with his kingdom.  What is missing worldwide is kingdom. “Let thy kingdom come. Let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. The convergence of Heaven into earth is getting ready to take place before our own eyes. I believe that we are going to come into such a greater God-identity of knowing who we are and whose we are in the earth that nothing will shake us, and nothing will get in the way of the Kingdom of God being made manifested and his glory being experienced.  Not just the omnipresence of God but the glory of God that comes to bring us into a greater place in him.

Prophetess Mabel Davis:

We need to wake up. The Bible does say that there is sleep and slumber.  I cannot speak for the whole nation. I cannot speak for everybody. But I can say like the Bible it is coming back, getting back to the older saints as saying it is not as it used to be, way back then we had church all the time.  God is bringing order back to the apostles and prophets. It is getting back to Ephesians. A lot of people have not embraced that yet. It is getting back so that the order can start being manifested. It has been out of order. That is why so many things are happening in our world.

The Bible is fulfilling itself in the last day, besides what Joel said. In the last days people will be more a lover of pleasure than church. I am finding more people wanting pleasure than church because they are tired of church.   If the people of God, I would say leaders and pastors get really before God and hear the strategy of heaven and not the strategy of man of how I can get. I tell people just because you have church growers does not always mean it is growing.  Cancer grows and sometimes we get hyped on oh my church is filling up. That is great! But are they there for you, are they there for God or because you have some hype going on? We have to be careful because our church is swelling up. We have to know that is not a cancerous thing because the pastor has more hell on their hands than anything.  Anybody cancerous around here? You get more demons.

I would rather have four of five members that I know intimately than have so many.  Jesus only had twelve disciples. If you could disciple these twelve and be happy. Too many people are looking at the big things.  We have to say no God and what is the distraction I am having. What is your agenda? We get our servings and get it all prepare for the people, but God has a voice.  I was telling someone, Love and kindness have I drawn them. If we could get love in us (unconditional) then they will start coming. People will say there is something about you.

I am in the marketplace.   Arts and entertainment needs someone that loves Jesus. The marketplace needs someone who loves Jesus. You will be the only Jesus that they see.  But when you are jacked up and not ready to be schooled up. How can you win God? When you go all over the seas, Africa and all those different places, they are hungry and there is sickness. We have not gotten serious.  We want to get serious when there is a 911 or was that the 9-11? Or something of that magnitude. Can we get together without the earthquake coming? Can I get my earthquake to say what is God doing in your church? The condition is can we come together for the same common goal?  

We are not building the kingdom, but we are gaining.  Let the sons arise. Even though you are a woman, you are sons, let the sons come together.  God is calling us to come together as one. Come to together as one and get rid of religious stuff that we have been doing. We have to cut that out. God is saying no because you will do it my way now.  So, yes, he is shaking up because he is prioritizing some things in your life that need to be conducive to his will. Things are being shaking up in the city for us to shake up.

Apostle Joshua Alvarez:

I will reiterate back to what I said in the first question, that the pressure is building up.  The pressure that is building up that is about the pop the bottle is a whole new satisfaction inside the box that yearns for more. How many of want more?  There must be more to this relationship, the kingdom, the realities of heaven coming to earth. A whole new satisfaction is creating a vacuum of pressure that will pop a revival.  I want to reiterate that this is so potent that we understand that this is a Word of the Lord for the nations, not just our nation. Literally, all nations are experiencing. Within the area, there is a calling of satisfaction.  There has to be. I go to third world countries and seen many revivals. Compared to us we are doing nothing. They are telling me that is not enough. We have more. I go to some places and people are getting saved and healings. The people want to see more. They are in full blown “holy roly” status. There is this pressure that is going on.

I believe the Word of the Lord for the Body of Christ which is a word we do not like to hear but this word of discipline and discipleship. In order for us to achieve what the Lord wants us to achieve, we have to learn to get in our rank. Many people are breaking rank and people are allowing people to do what they are supposed to do.  If the Lord calls you to do something, no one else can do it for you even if you give an offering. You have a lot of people who support missions and it is nothing wrong with supporting missions, but if you are not doing your part in ministry unto the Lord where God has put you as influence over. You giving a million dollars for mission is not going to escape you from your responsibility.  By all means give your offering.

Do not neglect your part in the body in what you are called to do.  Because we are coming into a time (I told Apostle this earlier, God is really done with the superstar ministry mentality) it’s time the whole body be mobilized.  Every single member taking the rank and taking their place in the army. We all have different jobs. They are all important. Every single rank in the army is important for the function of the kingdom for the need to be met.  God is calling for his people to get in rank and he is calling for his people to get disciplined. Paul says in Corinthians; every good soldier does not get entangled with affairs of this world. Are we entangled? It is like a spider web. God is bringing us into the place of the body through the shaking and pressure that is cooking. He is getting us to get untangled, so we can get out of this kingdom.  God wants to teach us that we have been so long afraid of the storm, we are the storm. The scripture, say’s “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him”. Except it translated wrong. I learned Hebrew from a young age. Hebrew says: “When the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard”. The comma is put in the wrong place. An impact from a comma in the wrong place.  Now we go from the flood of the enemy to the Hebrew saying the flood is God coming against the enemy. We are the storm, we have been afraid of the storm. God is saying get rid of that mentality. You are the flood. You are the standard that I am raising against the enemy. You are the river of God that will come against every issue that the enemy is trying to bring out to distract the world. You are the sword.