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What is the Spirit of the Lord revealing the church in the region Oregon and Washington? |
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What is the Spirit of the Lord revealing the church in the region Oregon and Washington?

Pastor Kenneth Evans:

When you look at Oregon you see a place of that is fluorescent. You see the buildings    prophesying trying to make room for all the people that are coming into this city. When you look at the progression on it. I feel like the Lord is saying about Oregon is the Body of Christ you have to keep up the pace what is going on.  I understand the building. We stopped building. They are steady building, but God will not stop building. I am not from here but this what I am seeing. I come into the city and see the progression. I see that we have to continue moving along as God is moving this city to a different area.  Oregon is isolated, opening up for the people to advance. There are some of the most technical places in this region. Look at all the advancement that is moving. These developers are getting richer because they are steady putting the building up on every corner. So as the Body of Christ, I feel like this is what is going on in Oregon as a city (Portland). This is steady moving forward and you have to continue to climb.  It is a climb. Put yourself in these positions where you have assets to stuff to affect the kingdom.

Dr. Aaron Winter:

God is moving people in from other states and other parts of the world into the State of Oregon to position Oregon forward for revival. I think these people are coming in and they are hungry and looking for something.  They have been transported for that reason for such a time as this. I said earlier that God is among his word and his prophets have said for many years now that have I have looked at some decades now, that Oregon has been anointed as the State that will take down the spirit of Jezebel.  God has the calling on the State of Oregon for this purpose. I believe that God is raising up a remnant people here in the Northwest and I believe that God is sending real authentic revival that will bring unification that will be unique. There is no other place quite like the Northwest.  Even here in the State of Oregon, in the Portland Metro Area, it is very independent, very individualistic unlike other parts of the nation leading the world. I believe God will take that and bring unity for unity in a way that looks different like unity that’s never been seen before. Real genuine authentic revival unity that it will be a witness to the rest of the nation and will be a blueprint for how God will begin to use it for a platform for real authentic revival of the nation.  

I believe that God is doing a couple of awesome things. God told me two things at the beginning of the year.

  1.  Pursue the Glory
  2.  Pursue Healing

As I begin the glory, I realized that Glory of God is really the presence of God that is manifested itself tangibly. When people encounter the person of Jesus, they are transformed and their whole life is not the same.  Healing, miracles, signs and wonders come out from the persons of Jesus. I believe that these are the two things that will be a witness and attract people to the church. People will see that we are really carrying Jesus and we are really moving in real demonstration of power.  I believe that is something God is releasing specifically under the Northwest to take down the spirit of Jezebel, his propaganda prophets, this narrative, that is a false narrative and everything you see. The enemy sows so much discord and so much discouragement with the narrative that you see in the news and so forth. Everything is always so negative.  We can begin to separate all those things apart but when you add them all together, the enemy is painting a dire picture. But God wants us to come in with his person, presence and his power. God is bringing the body together. Walls are being torn down here in the Northwest in such a way that if you look five years from now, we can see that this is the beginning of its movement.  This is another thing that God is beginning to orchestrate here in the Northwest that will be unique to see transformation from the State of Oregon. Right now, you see remnants and pockets of people that are praying, and pastors are getting together. This happening over there and God wants to tie it all together and bring everybody to the same table and then just release it in demonstrations of power.

Prophet DeShawn Williams:

I truly believe that there is a need for a Prophetic Voice of God to be risen in the Northwest.  As we were talking, not about a particular seminar but dealing with the fact that there is a need for us to move as prophetic company and not in these solo ways.  Moving in a prophetic company we would walk with such a grace that would cause people to be changed when then encounter God true authentic prophetic voice. With that prophetic voice being uplifted, the spirit of Jezebel has to come down.  The spirit of Jezebel is there to try to choke out the prophetic voice of God. I really believe that God is calling for a prophetic voice and a prophetic sound that will drive out the darkness, drive out the enemy, break the bands of wickedness, cause unity to occur and to take back the possessions that we have. God has an inhabitance for us and he has an inheritance for us. I believe that as we get on our faces and pray that God will begin to stir us and stir up because we can all move in some sort of prophetic way by the leading of the Holy Ghost.  If we can get to a place of prayer God can stir us on how to move and that spirit of witchcraft that is orchestrated through Jezebel will be broken. We can walk in a true deliverance and a true healing in unity.

Apostle Joshua Alvarez:

I see the Northwest as being above in the hand of the Lord.  I see the Lord taking above and putting his aim towards the whole nation.  Every region of the United States had very deep lasting reliance that has really touched different areas of the United States whether it is Northeast or Southeast, South of the bible belt of California.  All these areas. Oregon and Washington have had nothing major like every other region in the United States. I believe the Northwest is right for a new deep and lasting move of God that will shake the whole nation.  Just like every other region in the United States that has had revival throughout the history of this nation that has help deepen lasting effect upon the whole nation. I think the Northwest is the next place. The Lord gave us a Word, my family and I, over twelve years ago and sent us here as missionaries from Puerto Rico to the Northwest Pacific telling us to come here because this was the place that God was going to use to touch the nations.  Specifically, a few weeks ago I was preaching at another conference, the Lord begin to speak to me about Portland. The Lord said: Portland and even though it will be, and it has been in the front pages of the news for negative news. The Lord says that is just a down payment that the enemy does not know. The Lord will publicize through Portland. Because of that bad press, it will set the precedence so that when the move of God comes it will also be in the front news.