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What is the spiritual condition of the church at large? |
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What is the spiritual condition of the church at large?

Apostle Joshua Alvarez:

We are looking at the church in general we have to divide it up amongst several different places.

I just got back from Russia and the church in the East is vibrant, growing and the persecuted church is growing. God is really moving in many nations. Things are happening like never happening before. Especially, when you look at statistics in China and Russia, many people are coming to the Lord. All over the eastern world things are happening that really are an encouragement before we talk about the other side of the world. The church in that sense is growing and multiplying and God is doing amazing things in the nation. I was telling some people here I just got back from Siberia and Russia and especially Siberia, outside the cities. God is moving with such intensity. You have millions of people that have come been under atheism coming to the Lord. Creative yokes are happening. All types of things are happening. The Body of Christ is vibrate and growing daily. When we come back to the West, that is where things change. It is like night and day. There are good things happening in the church in the West. Most of will see some of things that we will talk about the lack of hunger, the lack of guidance, the lack of commitment and the lack of discipleship.  These are all very strong trends that the church value in most western countries. I see that the Lord is shaking things up especially in the West.

Last Tuesday morning I woke up and the Lord showed me a vision. He showed me a bottle of fermented liquid and it was a heavenly place.  I do not know what it was inside. He was taking that bottle and I saw it being the church in America. He was shaking it so hard. And I looked at the bottle and it looked like it was about to exploded. In the vision, my first thing was, “Lord do not let it explode” The Lord said “I want it to explode” so that it will get on everybody that is around God’s people. We are in a place of great shaking and it will be here all the time. The shaking that we are in the Body of Christ today is very different. Because it is a shaking that will really bring out of us what is inside of us that has not been uncovered which is the Kingdom of God that is within us. The church in America we have hidden the Kingdom of God. We put God in a box easily and God will uncover the box whether we like it or not. The times are going to demand that the Body of Christ be mobilized like it has never been mobilized before.

God is about to shake us in whereabout things that are happening within us are about to explode that we did not know was within us. It is a good thing. Sometimes we see a shaking as a bad thing, but God is about to shake the church in America because its best is about to come out of us.

Prophetess Mable Davis:

I can say that we have to get away from denominations. It separates a lot. If I do not belong to your denomination, then I am not in. God is saying we have to get our people back into oneness and back to the basics. That is him. When you talk about the shaking up, we are getting shook up in a lot of areas and a lot of ways. When we look at Singapore and all the people who have these earthquakes going on in diver places. We know that we are in the last days. We have to learn to love. This place should have been full. If we did not have an ought against one another. I believe in our culture of our churches here, it seems like if you don’t like me you will not get with me. We forget we are here for one another. I believe God is bringing unity among his people. I believe that is what He is bringing forth. He say’s “As my people pray and humble ourselves before him”, I believe he is getting us back to fasting and prayer.  This is what going to change. I cannot be concerned or consumed with my four and no more. We are the church. This is just a building. We need to go and get some more people. This is a mandate. We were losing the mandate. We were thinking it was about this or that. We have to go get the lost that needs Christ. So, God is getting us prepared, shaped up and positioned so that we can win more souls for him. The condition is being conducive wherever we are getting the favor. One thing that God told me is that we need to learn the authentic language of the Holy Ghost. That is what he told me a week ago. I said, “What is the authentic?” That means that I can speak every language. I can reach the Hispanics, I reach the lost, I can speak and that is the language of the Holy Spirit. God knows what we are speaking. We have to learn the language of the people. That means that I need to know how to go in and out of his people. If we stay too high up here, we cannot reach up there. We want to learn the authentic language of the Holy Spirit.

Prophet DeShawn Williams:

It is interesting to be sit up and hear what is being said in terms of what God is revealing in the condition to the church.  I definitely will say that this is a Western American issue and condition and not necessarily what other countries are experiencing. Several weeks ago, I was in a service and the Lord spoke to me and said “I am causing a shaking to occur. “I said, “Lord a shaking” the church is already in a lot of tribulation. We don’t need another shaking. He said, “This shaking is not unto judgment” But the shaking that I am doing is a shaking to provoke revival. Because there is a revival that is needed for people to come alive again. As the Lord begin to speak with me concerning that, I was praying, and God begin to deal with me concerning the Holy Spirit and the need for us to have the Holy Ghost like they did in the Bible. The Holy Ghost that at any given time that is what led their life in the First Century Church. The Holy Ghost directed them and led them, and people were one unto the kingdom because they were sensitive to the movement of the Holy Ghost and through that the lives of people were change in such people were added to the kingdom daily.  I wonder where in America we can say that 3,000 souls were be added to the kingdom daily. I think we need to have an outpouring of the Holy Ghost that is birthed through prayer.

Dr. Aaron Winter:

I want to address the condition of the church in United States of America. I think there has been a lull that has caused people to lose vision. Without vision people perish. God is changing the narrative. The enemy has had his propaganda prophets prophesying death to the church.  The churches are shrinking. The movement that God has done in the past are past movements. The church is shrinking and there is so much division. You see the narrative going on actually I believe is reflecting in the world. All this division and controversies taking place is causing people to lose heart.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick. The enemy has tried to propagate an agenda to get people to lose sight of how big and how awesome God really is.

Here in the Northwest we get called the least church region in the United States.  When we look at the big cities Portland, Seattle, Eugene and Tacoma. These are the least churched geographical locations city wise demographically in the nation.  You start looking at the narrative the enemy tries to paint. It causes discouragement and it causes people to lose hope. Here is the thing, those that have been perfected through the fire of this negativity have actually risen a remnant. There is a remnant people I believe here in the Northwest that are hungry and they are dissatisfied with what they see. I think what God has allowed a season of lateness to drop out the hunger in the mind and hearts of the people. Because people were beginning to become too religious and too robotic in terms of how they walked out their faith. God wants a holy remnant people of passion, love, power and presence. I think because people had been so dogmatic in how they approach God and systematically in their devotions and they how they handle it. There was so much division in the church. We can mention the fact of all the denominational divides, cultural divides and racial divides. There have been all these divides that compartmentalize the church to where the church has become ineffective.

The Bible says that people will know us because of our love and we have not reflected or demonstrated that in power. What has happened is that God has allowed a season of leanness to come upon the church and upon the West because we have been so puffed up with our knowledge that we have not realized that is not by might, no power but by the Spirit.  God wants to release the power of the Spirit in presence and in love and in demonstrating in a way that the world will know. The narrative that is going on right now with all these divisions that are going on is actually paving the way for the church to come in to be the head and not the tail to demonstrate the power of God and the love of God in this day and this hour. I believe God is raising up a remnant here specifically in the Northwest that will impact the rest of the nation.

Lou Engall came in 2016 to Portland, OR and prophesied that revival was going to come from the Northwest that would be pulled upon by the Midwest and would be pulled upon by the rest of the nations and would sweep and touch the whole nation.  What we see is all these prophets saying Oregon specifically has been anointed and called by God to throw down the spirit of Jezebel. The spirit of Jezebel sets up idols, sets up propaganda prophets, sets up all these propagandas, sets up all these agendas to take out the people of God by creating a cultural environment that is hostile to the gospel.  

What we see today is a culture and environment through media and every section of society where the enemy is trying to cutoff the church and its voice. To cut off the power of God, but yet God in this age and hour is raising up a Elijah generation will take down the spirit of Jezebel and begin to release and unleash a Body of Christ that looks uniquely different because it is a full expression of himself in every race, every culture, every denomination moving in power and in love that will demonstrate the Book of Acts and God’s full intended purpose in the earth.  That will be the witness that will bring the real authentic revival. When I say real authentic revival, I mean people that are coming to God and having that encounter and that experience with God where they know that He is real. Even those that reject the gospel, experience and see and witness to the power. To them it is a sign, but they do not understand what it is. They do not know him or walk with him. But I believe the power of God that is coming in this hour is a dawning of a new day where the Western Church is going to awaken to the great worldwide awakening that is now taking place.  

You see the revivals that are going on all around the world right now. There is a huge revival going on right now in Pakistan and Nigeria.  There is a huge massive revival where people are coming in by the ten of thousands and millions. It is awesome. I believe that God wants to release that here in the United States.  I believe that the enemy is turning up the heat to try to squash it. I believe there will be more persecution in the days ahead. I believe it is time for the church to arise and take its place to give God the glory and honor. God is initiating this now.  It is originating here in the Northwest.

Prophet Kenneth Evans:

As I was listening to everyone, the Lord showed me a crockpot. Does anyone know what a crockpot is? God told me that the spirit of the church is always vibrating like a crockpot. As it cooks, and when it is finally finished cooking, there is a sound that goes off on the crockpot to let you know whatever you are cooking is done.  God start telling me as everyone was talking, a lot of stuff I have already done in the body and it is up to essays services them to grab a hold of it and move to this next dimension. I will not tell them what to do anymore because they know what to do. When you look at the spiritual addition of it, we are starving ourselves of something that is already cooked. We are starving ourselves, it is not that God is not moving, we are not moving with God.