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What prophetic words do you have for the governors of Oregon and Washington? |
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What prophetic words do you have for the governors of Oregon and Washington?

Prophet Kenneth Evans:

There are some things that she needs to correct within herself to make Oregon to become better, there are things that need to be in line to what God is saying. God is saying to stand firm on what you know to be right and not to be threaten be anyone else to fulfil her duty. 

Dr. Aaron Winter:

I believe that God puts certain people in positions and offices for specific times and seasons. Regarding the state of Oregon and Washington and who is in office. I believe that right now circumstances will put in such a way that it will provoke them. The circumstances in Pacific NW and the geographical spheres of influence and locations are being put in such a way and this also pertains to of certain particular cities like Portland, and Salem and so forth. I believe that the local government are being put in certain position to receive the church. If you take a look at what is going on with the homeless, you look at what is going on the different things that are going on in our geographical location. I believe that God is putting the church in a position to be the help for the problems that they cannot solve so that we can be a light to them and witness to them. I don’t necessary believe that just because we will be the light that they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and usher in a revival. I don’t believe that it works that way. I believe too many times the church tries to look at it as we just need to have that Christian in office that is going to help pave the way for revival. It doesn’t work like that, so what is going to happen is the church is going to be the light and going to be witness to the governmental authority to bring forth change and to help fill in the gap for our culture and society so that the people can see and know us by our love. 

I believe that God is doing something in the NW, I believe that God is doing something in the NW, which I believe originates in the state of Oregon. I believe that God is birthing something in the state of Oregon that is going to completely shift the NW, that will impact the rest of the nation. I believe that Oregon is going to be the pioneer. 

Apostle Joshua Alvarez:

I believe that God is going to use this whole area and almost like the I-5 corridor that unite both OR and WA is a united place even that the states are different. Water waves divide principalities. But what unites is the transit ways. What God is doing in the state of OR will be carried in the state of WA and it will be exploited not just in the U.S. but in the world https://www.paperwritings.com/